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 After years of experience, entertaining 100's of guests every year at our home 'haunts' and charity events,  we have finally decided to introduce the outsiders into our passion.  We can do the typical entertainment team of magic tricks, balloon making and face painting but also offer an alternative.  In one of the fastest growing entertainment industries, alterative attractions including scare and street theatre are now not only centred around Halloween but for 12 months of the year.


We can make our dreams or your nightmares become real.

The company was the brainchild of both Lee Conway and Sarah Wilson, between them they have been scaring friends and relatives for over 10 years, then 3 years ago they brought together two different styles of 'Home Haunting'. Sarah specialised in dressing the house fully with wonderfull colours and designs however Lee's passion was always the show and the opportunity to interact with the public.


 At their first halloween as a couple they introduced the guest's and family to a whole new level of Home haunting, with the addition of a horror maze.  This was expanded in 2011 when the scare attraction alone took over 600 sq ft and 3 neighbours gardens, entertaining over 100 guests it included strobe lighting, smoke machines, special effects, music and live actors.


They also have been asked to create a few small shows for charity events, which our first one was in April 2012 called 'Crypt 2012'. All actors and backroom staff are local and work volentary.


In october 2013 primrose took on what was their most adventurous project working with  Woolley Edge xmas tree farm to create a day and night halloween  venue. The day event took children and adults alike back to the most basic of halloween traditions these included bobbing apple, pumpkin carving, face painting  and straw hunts, at night a barn was transformed into a family home prison called 'the barn' where a mixture between scare and street theatre gave the public a most terrifying walkthrough attraction.


Outside their passion for entertaining both Lee and Sarah work in customer care, Sarah as a P.A  in the retail sector and Lee for a construction company so both have the understanding of the general  public and clients alike.