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Five years ago, whilst excavating to restore these areas, a set of unknown untouched rooms and cells where found.  Workmen and officials investigated the site but all work had to stop due to strange mishaps such as the electrics blowing, things moving in the night, foul smells in rooms and strange noises.

It was decided that all work was to stop and a paranormal investigator would be brought in to see if she could discover any reasons for the strange occurrences.

The minute the investigator entered the venue, she felt an unnatural presence spirits all through the building. She mentioned that she had the feeling of many throughout the venue including two young children, Police Officers, Victorian Women, dark shadows but the strongest feeling was caused by an unknown entity that brought a look of sheer terror to her face, before she collapsed as she screamed out: "Who are you, or what are you, Caine…?

Once the investigator had regained consciousness she said she had feelings of pain, torment, panic but, most of all, power and pure evil. Upon finding bruise marks on her neck and stains of blood upon her body she insisted, she would never step a foot near the building or speak of his vision ever again!

We would like to invite you to come and visit these disused rooms and cells of the museum with our guides to see if you too can contact any spirits and find out what mysteries the old building holds and you may be lucky enough to find out just who… or what Caine is!.

Caine Who Am I ?.

9th May - 16th May 2014

Venue- National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield

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“The conception of the event started with Matt Wakefield, a director of the National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield, holding an idea to create a scare attraction inside the 120-year-old building and a group from a local paranormal events team visiting our Halloween attraction in 2013 called Woolley Edge October Screams .“Adam Otley and Jane Ellis, both members of Seeking Spirit Events (A paranormal group based in Sheffield), were two of the members who visited the attraction. They were so impressed by the production values and story telling aspect of the show that talks immediately took place for the two companies to come together in some way at a later date to produce a show where reality was intertwined with fantasy.


“Adam and Jane, knowing Matt’s interest in adding a scare attraction to the museum’s portfolio, contacted him regarding amalgamating all three parties. Using all their resources, it was agreed to create a premier attraction based on actual chronicled ghosts found inside the building that now holds the museum. Sound, lighting, and technical expert Josh Botham completed the team, and they set about digging through 120 years of history to find the most menacing characters that still roam the halls of one of the country’s first combined emergency services stations. One name kept coming up; a name the paranormal group knew very well: “Caine”.