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Last rites was a great success in the 5 days of opening our house to the public. .Over 400 people enjoyed visiting the purpose built rooms in the gardens and also the walk-through of our home. The kids got to participate in traditional halloween season games including apple bobbing and pin the nose on the witch.





It all finished on the 2nd Nov with the last rites ball open to both actors and guests.

This was a amazing way to say goodbye to the home haunt community and as a added bonus we were voted 3rd best home haunt in the U.K by willies the official home haunt website.


27th Oct - 2nd Nov 2012

Last Rites

Come visit us and a local clairvoyant called Divinity release an array of tormented spirits to the other side as we pronounce LAST RITES on our annual home haunts. Help us to clear our home of all the evil charactors that have roamed round on the most frightful time of the year for the last decade, experience what happens when we suceed ..........or fail.

'As halloween in the UK gets bigger and bigger every year we are proud to present to you what the U.S would call a home haunt, this will include lighting, special effects, smoke and live actors though suitable for any age young children may need parental guidence'.

This was a modern take on the traditional trick or treating.