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The Barn

October 26th - 3rd Nov 2013

October 25th - 2nd Nov 2014

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Through a chance meeting on Christmas eve whilst feeding a reindeer the seed's of a new attraction much larger than we had done before started to sow. The venue was a working farm near Wakefield that sells Christmas trees.

After a small conversation and some suprisingly not so hard selling we were  in a position to create a brand new venue and brand for a Halloween attraction, It would be built on a small budget with the option of expanding the next year if it was a success the advantages where it would be indoors in a watertight and warm Barn but the lead time was small due to harvest. the story we created was a old local legend...............

Research into the area's history has shown that in 1613, local farmer Benjamin Saunders and his family were accused of slaughtering local farm animals... and residents, in the most brutal and inhumane manner.  They were quickly evicted from their farm but as there was no jail to place the prisoners, they were contained in a nearby barn the local community came together to make sure the family never escaped. Amongst private meetings it was decided that next year(2014) the family should be let out...

Now, in 2013, the barn is masked by standing on a fully operating farm.  However, there are still areas of the barn that haven't been explored for decades and dark shadows have been seen in the fields of the farm.. Locals state that over the last few months, the family have now grown to be friendly, normal and ready for the outside world.They do need your help to make sure every inch of the barn is searched.

The event was a huge success and had rave reviews from both public and from inside the theatre and scare attraction industry due to the amazing sets and fantastic acting from a huge committed talented cast . The event was finished off on the last night with the whole show being changed to produce a more intense and personal event called the Barn extreme. Due to its great success we a hoping  expand the event next year.

Heres just a small amount of  what people had to say

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!...Brilliant night!!! Worth every penny!!!!!...Had very fun/scary night...Brilliant! Highly recommend it, very well done...A hidden gem one of the highlights of the halloween season(scaretours)...So impressed with The Barn tonight! Was absolutely terrified...Absolutely brilliant time will be recommending it to everyone as a Halloween must.

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